Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Its the Most ??? Time of the Year.

The "holidays"...not certain the true definition, but now, having my disease and being on the "older" side of 40, I am a certified "Holiday Curmudgeon". I DO enjoy being with those I love, HOWEVER the real meaning of CHRISTmas seems to have been diluted to a point, where we are no longer "celebrating Christs birth". I remember, as a child, going to church with my Nana, and others on that side of my family. We sang the Christmas hymns strong, heard the story of Jesus birth and REJOICED! I I LONG to recapture that truest of holy feelings. I want to feel the real meaning of Christmas again.

I have no doubt, that God gave me my M.S. to "get me back on track". It finally DID, and opened my eyes, heart and mind to him again. It seems now, that my whole perception of life is on a different track. Some days the track has some wicked curves, but in all, the track is a good one to be on.

My Christmas wish to all, is that each person finds true life, love and happiness. Be it even in the smallest of nooks. Be it in the most improbable place. FIND it! Open your hearts and minds and you WILL find it!

Peace and Love to you ALL!!!!

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