Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bon Voyage

This is quite a new endeavor for me, so here I am "cracking the proverbial champagne bottle" over the bow of this boat! Hop in (or as the saying goes "get it, sit down, shut up and hang on")! It should be an interesting sail. Anchors awayyyyy...


  1. Welcome to the fascinating world of blogging Fishy! I am looking forward to reading your schtuff :)

  2. I have such creative friends! I can't wait to read your "tails" Fish

  3. Well..LaTish.. you are such an inspiration..so.
    INSPIRE US ..just sayin.

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    OH.. I AM A CHARACTER..YOU SAY? hmmm....





  6. Funny that I find such peace with large bodies of water, as I am a "Leo". However, it is at the shore of water, where I find the deep-seeded calm that exists in life. It is where I find myself with clear and peaceful emotions. I often wish I could toss my fears, doubts, worries in the water like a childs paper-folded boat, then watch as they ride quietly away...

  7. Was looking through some old emails and thought that my "following-buddies" could use some of this gals encouragement. Read the words as if they were written for you (GenieFL especially you, hun). This was sent to me after I looked at a picture that Jen had sent me, where she was "head back, hair sprawled in water and looked so content with life. Kind of reminds me of the song by Anne Lennox "Take Me to the River" (words after which....."drop me in the water....washing me down washing me down....."

    Latish, If your soul is telling you you need water, than get to the water and spend some time in solitude if this is possible for you. Try to focus on something that you love, something like fly fishing or whatever to pull out of the thought patterns that contribute to fear and depression. Just do the best you can, any way, any thing, you can do to bring yourself back "up". Does that make sense? This will help the spiritual immunities. Visualize yourself in perfect health and please do not identify with MS, identify with your talents, your loves of life...get around positive people and positive atmospheres. Identify your value as a being of light, a child of God, not a "sick' and depressed person. That is not the real you. Love, Jennifer

  8. Sorry for this, I cannot figure how to edit my own posts..... I truly am laughing at myself right now.......

    Oh well....gotta try new things, right?

  9. Today is national "Ice Cream Day". I am so happy to learn that there is an official day for it (of course,there is also a national "speak like a pirate" day, so I suppose I should not get too "rocky road-ed" up about this). My mother is making peach sherbet (yes this IS the correct spelling hahaha) today. Granted it is not officially "ice cream", but it is lower in fat and will have to suffice AND is very yummy on days like today where the local weather is 20 degrees above roasting and so humid that if feels as if droplets of rain are stuck in the air. BESIDES, my mother does not know it is "I scream day" (LOL--it will be fun to tell her after she makes it).

    I remember, as a child hearing the jolly cling-cling, of the ice-cream man and running into the house, dirty shoes, getting scolded by my busy-cleaning-German rooted mother. That scolding never ever took away my excitement and urgency to get the quarter it took, so that I could purchase a special treat. As my mother got her purse out, I was jumping around hoping she would get the coin(s)out quick enough. Rapid heart rate and nerves on edge, I would then blast out the front door and down the lawn. By that time, the Ice Cream Man had halted his musically driven clanging of the bell and was busy taking orders and handing out colorful sticks of yummy cool sweetness. At this point I was as focused as a hawk, but still knew my manners. I was now dancing and tapping my feet, as the boys in front of me finished getting their tasty treat on a stick. When my turn came, I would pause just an "inkling" to look at the beautiful menu of assorted goodies, but always new what I wanted. The smell that wafted from that particular spot in the truck fanned the flames of my frenzy and, I am sure, I had an idiotic smile on my face as the kind man (of course he was king of my childhood-dreams at THIS point) handed me my "bomb-pop". Even as a child I was smart enough to lick the blue bottom a couple times before crunching off the tip-top of it. the rest of my time consuming it, was spend on licking the ridged edges until it became cylindrical, then I would alternate licking and slurping on the juicy, cold, 'wonder-ous' snack closing my eyes while enjoying .

    Ahhhh childhood memories. Enjoy the summer, and all the "goodies" that come along with it!!!!!!

  10. Since M.S. & depression seem to walk hand in hand often, I want to share an article I recently read. Research has shown that certain foods have the ability to act directly on brain's mood centers. This article gives some good advice on healthy eating that will help elevate (aka ^) mood:

    "Top 10 foods" to elevate your mood:

    1. Salmon. Rich in omega-3s, powerful anti-oxidants

    2. Strawberries, Oranges/Citrus. Rich in Vit C, Vit C impt in synthesis of neurotransmitters regulating norepinephrine. (Neurotransmitters critical to brain function)

    3. Red & Green Bell peppers. Bell peppers richer in Vit C than citrus fruit

    4. Brazil nuts. Have selenium known to ^ mood & lessen depression

    5. Green Leafy vegetables. I.E. spinach, cabbage, leafy greens are rich in folate. Low folate linked w/ depression

    6. Turkey. Has phenylalanine, which brain converts to dopamine="feel good"

    7. Low-fat Milk. Has tryptophan. Brain uses to ^ seratonin levels. Serotonin= "feel good" hormone

    8. Peanuts. Contain tryptophan

    9. Liver. Has Vit B6 which body uses to convert phenylalanine. (aka "feel good" stuff)

    10. Whole grains. Oats, wheat, barley etc
    ^ serotonin levels

  11. Just read article on great uses for coffee filters. Here in the U.S. we can purchase them for a buck, at any "Dollar-Store", which makes it even better, since using a paper towel would be so much more expensive.

    1. Clean windows and mirrors. Coffee filters are lint-free so they don't leave behind any residue.

    2. Save a bottle of wine. Broken cork? Place a filter over a pitcher and pour in the wine.

    3. Protect china and non-stick cookware. Place a coffee filter between dishes or pans when storing or packing.

    4. Wipe off smudges. Use to clean eyeglasses, camera lenses, televisions, & computer monitors.

    5. Keep your microwave clean. Prevent splatters by covering dishes or bowls in the microwave with coffee filters.

    6.Sewing projects. Coffee filters make a great backing for embroidering or appliqueing soft fabrics.

    7. Make tea bags. Wrap loose tea in filter & tie with a string

    8. Storage. Wrap Christmas ornaments & other fragile items before packing away.

  12. Sitting at PC tonight, wondering what I can do to make myself happier. Not that I am in some sort of deep depression, but wondering (mostly what I can afford) what to do to find peace within myself. Is that not what we are all striving for? I know a few things I want to do, but they all require so much energy. It is not IMPOSSIBLE to overcome the energy issue, I just need to get off my ass and do something about it. My birthday is approaching and the one thing I am "giving myself" for my birthday, is a year of better health. "The HELL" with M.S. I know it will take some of my health, and there is not a damn thing I can do about that. BUT, I CAN change things in my life that will make my health better over all and will make me a better person for it. Some of my plans are to eat better. I will start out by keeping a diary of what I eat. I was in a "weight/eating" clinical trial and found that just by writing down everything I ate on a daily basis, that I changed some of my eating habits. The second thing is to join the YMCA. If I have to dig the money out of my investments I will (I hate doing that), but I have always, and still do love the water, and also plan to join the gym part of the YMCA as well. It wont be hard for me to work out, as I found out a couple of years ago that I eventually "CRAVE" going to the gym. The last thing I have in mind has to do with vanity, but hey, aren't all of us women vain to a degree? I am going to start using all of the very very nice brands of creams and anti-wrinkling agents that my Mother has got for me through the years. My family has longevity genes and because M.S. doesn't kill, I would like to look nice (for my own sense of pride) as I age. If anyone has other suggestions I am "open" to them, especially right now. This post is "all about me", but hey it IS my blog, huh? Kudos to all the ladies who take care of themselves for THEM!!! GO WOMEN, WE TRULY ARE THE BEAUTIFUL SPECIES!!!!

  13. I absolutely love it, LaTish! The time has finally come for you to take care of YOU! Everyone who has had the great honor of being your friend has benefited from your giving. To hear that you're going to turn that around on yourself is such wonderful news. I can't wait to watch the unfolding of yet another facet of your bright life! Hugs to you my friend, and Happy, Happy Birthday to YOU! XOXO

  14. I have noticed it has been TOO long since I have posted. Although I wish I could make my blog as attractive as Karen W.'s it is not going to happen any time soon.

    Am glad I re-read my blog, ESPECIALLY the part about the foods to eat to help with depression. I CERTAINLY wish my doctors could get a better handle on my depression, but it seems that they want to brush THAT portion of the M.S. disease process aside. SHAME on THEM! Being in a NON-DEPRESSED state helps the OVER-ALL state of health, in a human. I am thinking of looking into some holistic medicine, for the depression. As a medical person, mySELF, I will not stray TOO far from traditional medicine with the M.S., ALTHOUGH, having JUST WRITTEN that, I wonder how much it could hurt. I wonder this, because the "traditional" system is essentially kept aloft by pharma. Pharma would NOT benefit from curing M.S. nor halting it. Okay, I know my thoughts are "firing rapid-rounds from random places", but this is how I think best.

    Current plan, now that I have recognized my depression problem (or should I say my CURRENT depression problem). I will ENSURE I get my ass back on all my B vitamins. Will be more cognizant of the food I eat. Will MAKE myself go sit out side, in the sun, for at LEAST 20 minutes a day. The vitamin B3 that the sun gives, could NEVER be produced in a vitamin-tablet (or could never be processed properly in the G.I. tract).

    So, nothing "gigantic", but a few "baby-steps" that I will try my hardest with.

    If YOU have problems with depression, consider at least ONE of the things I mentioned, remembering I do not claim to be a doctor, but have a vested interest in helping depression