Sunday, September 12, 2010

High School Days

Just read this article and was LMAO! How SERIOUSLY we took ourselves in High School!!!! I know I did, but guess we were just "riding the hump" into become "little adults" so we were still in the "it is all about meeeee stage". Okay, I admit, I was one of the "preps" in high school, but also had a "rebel" side to me, which was probably good, as I didn't seem to QUITE fit in with the "preps"/preppies. I was never snobbish enough to be a true preppy, but man I loved those clothes....funny seeing them come back into style. Of course NOW they DO look "dorky" to me. Alas, I am inclined to "grasp", MY dorkiness, but wonder how many others out there my age EVER accepted their own dorkiness. Well hey at least I can laugh about it now, instead of running home to starch and iron my red Polo, and creased jeans, then and buff my penny-loafers (yes I had pennies in them)to slip my argyled covered feet into. Pssssst=I never gave up my penchant for argyles...LOL